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Moms, what's the #1 thing you want to do after having a baby???

I hope you said SNUGGLE that BABY! That was all I ever wanted to do, it really never gets old.  And by the 3rd baby I really didn't need anything besides more time to do just that.

I'm excited to announce that The Copper Dog has teamed up with Hire a Housewife (Peoria, IL and surrounding areas) to help you get more time with your baby!  Let Hire a Housewife take care of the stuff you don't want to do while you relax with your sweet newborn!  They clean, organize, and beyond!

There's two ways to take advantage of this:

Mom-to-be: create a registry with Hire a Housewife and let people buy hours for you! For every 6 hours that you are gifted, you get an additional hour of time PLUS $10 to spend at The Copper Dog! Just simply mention The Copper Dog when you create your registry here!

Friends and Family: If you know a mom-to-be that doesn't want to create a registry but you still want to gift them a unique gift.... then buy them an hour through The Copper Dog!  Click here for more info!

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